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Samsung Galaxy A3 Specs & Price In Kenya

Samsung Galaxy A3

The Samsung Galaxy A3 is a perfect alternative for you if you like how the Galaxy S6 and other expensive smartphones look but you can’t afford them or you think that you do not need their features. This phone is one of the cheapest mid-range phones ever produced by Samsung. You may be confused by the Samsung Galaxy A range. This is because this range is a new entry to the popular Galaxy Brand. The A range has traits from Samsung’s expensive phones but use lower specifications to achieve a more pocket friendly price tag.


Like the Galaxy A5, the Galaxy A3 body is made from aluminum. It’s stylish, lightweight(110g) and slim(6.9mm). It has a physical home button and touch sensitive recent and back buttons. The headphone and micro USB sockets are on the lower side of the phone. The microSD card slot is on the right-hand-side. A nano SIM tray is next to the microSD tray. The power button is above the trays and the volume buttons are on the left-hand-side. The main camera is mounted at a central position on the back. Next to it is the LED flash. The Samsung Galaxy A3’s main speaker is also next to the main camera. Most Samsung Galaxy phones feature a removable cover and battery. The A3 does not. Its size and corners make it easy to handle it.


Its 4.5-inch screen has a screen resolution of 960×540. You probably expected better resolution from this phone. Its high quality super AMOLED screen displays images with excellent clarity. The screen is perfect even when you are viewing your videos or images on a sunny day outside.


A 1.2GHz Qualcomm-Snapdragon 410 processor powers the Samsung Galaxy A3. This processor has been paired with 1.5 GB of RAM. These are more than capable to run Android 4.4 effectively. It is takes a very short time to open menu settings and apps. The A3 is one of the few mid-range phones with Snapdragon 410 chipset.


The Galaxy A3’s 8 megapixel camera is impressive when there is good lighting. It captures color rich and vibrant images. The images captured by this camera show plenty of detail. This camera also takes good pictures in low light conditions. Switching on the flash makes it capture sharper images indoors and in other low light conditions. Its 5MP front camera also takes sharp images in well-lit areas.


The Samsung Galaxy A3 comes with 16GB internal storage space. The actual available space to the user is 10GB. The rest of the space is taken up the Android OS. If you need more space, you can us a microSD card (up to 64GB).

Battery life

The A3 really shines when it comes to battery life. Its battery life is significantly longer when compared to other mid-range phones. Most mid-range phones batteries provide 8-9 hours of video playback time. The Galaxy A3’s 1900mAh battery provides up to 11 hours of video playback time.

The features of Samsung Galaxy A3


  • 4.5 inch super AMOLED screen
  • 960×540 resolution


  • 1.2GHz quadcore processor
  • Android 4.4 OS


  • Dual SIM standby
  • 2G, 3G, 4G


  • 16GB internal Storage
  • MicroSD up to 64GB
  • 1GB RAM


  • 8MP back camera
  • 5MP front camera


  • 1900mAh

Samsung Galaxy A3 price in Kenya

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