Huawei has just announced that it is making its own map service to reduce its dependence on Google maps. This comes a few days after the company announced its new operating system, the HarmonyOS.  All these developments are a result of the ban imposed by the US government in May. The ban restricted Huawei from using technology developed in the US, including Android. This means Huawei may not be able to use Google maps and other popular Android apps in its devices.

Huawei Maps Service

Huawei calls its new mapping service “Map Kit”. The company did not disclose the date that it’s planning to release the new service.

The mapping service will not be available to ordinary consumers – it will be a programming interface that third-party developers can use to create programs.

According to Richard Yu, Huawei’s Chief Customer Service Officer, the Map Kit will collect information from over 150 countries. Huawei will be able to do this quickly since it already has communication bases in over 160 countries.  He also said that the mapping service will support advanced features like vehicle rerouting, real-time traffic information as well as giving directions.

The new mapping services will be available in 40 languages at the time of launch. Sources familiar to Map Kit say that many popular internet service providers, such as Yandex and, have already expressed their interest in the new service.

Source: China Daily


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