Huawei’s new operating system, HarmonyOS has been announced. The company finally revealed the new OS in its recent developer conference in China. This comes a few days after the company said that it was going to launch a budget phone running on HongMeng OS later this year.  Harmony is just another name for HongMeng. This the name that Huawei has chosen to use for the OS outside China.

The new OS has been developed for almost every device, not just smartphones. It will be used in many other devices including laptops, smart TVs, wearables, smart speakers, etc. The operating system is based on a microkernel. This helps to ensure it works well across several devices.

HarmonyOS will be open source, just like the Android. According to Huawei, the new OS will eventually run all kinds of applications: Linux apps, HTML5 apps, and Android apps.

Harmony OS ARK compiler will have support for Java, Javascript, Kotlin, C and C++. The company says that the operating system will keep data secure by having a Trusted Execution Environment that works across devices.

This comes a few months after Huawei was banned from accessing technology developed by US companies, including Google’s Android OS. However, it’s not clear whether Huawei will shift all its devices to the Harmony OS going forward.

The Chinese tech giant admitted that it is capable of moving all its devices to the new OS, but it will not do it for the sake of some of its partners. However, the company said that it will be forced to move its devices to the HarmonyOS immediately in the future if it is not allowed to use Android.

Honor Vision TV will be the first device that will be powered by the HarmonyOS. This TV will be launched on August 10 in China.


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