Apple has always been introducing new iPhones in September every year. And this year is no different.  The US tech giant will introduce three smartphones that will succeed iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

As we are getting close to September, we are seeing more and more iPhone rumors.  If you’ve been following technology new, it’s likely that you already know that the new iPhones will have the same displays as their predecessors. If you found this disappointing, you will be disappointed more to learn that Apple is also planning to keep the lightning port. The company is not planning to switch to USB C as it did with its latest iPad Pros.

The three new phones will be equipped with Apple A13 chipset, which has been codenamed “Cebu”.  2019 iPhone models will also have a new Tapic Engine, codenamed “Leap Haptics”. We are yet to know the kind of features the new engine will support, but most experts believe it’s supposed to improve Haptic Touch because the new devices will not feature 3D touch.

The new iPhone will have triple-lens cameras at the back.  Apple is adding an ultrawide lens alongside the telephoto lens and the normal wide lenses that were present in last year’s phones.  The wide-angle lens is needed for a new feature dubbed “Smart Frame”.  Aside from allowing you to get wider angles when talking shots, the wide-angle lens, via the Smart Frame feature will capture an image too, and for a limited amount of time afterward, allow you to adjust it.

iPhone 11 models’ front shooter will also be upgraded to allow them to capture 120fps slow-mo videos.


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