A few hours after Oppo VP revealed that they are working on a phone with an under display front camera, Xiaomi also says that we should expect a Xiaomi phone with an on-screen front camera soon.  The Chinese company, through its social media pages, said that it had found a solution that will help it make the front-facing camera disappear.

The notch has remained one of the most controversial phone features since it was launched approximately two years ago. Although many people think waterdrop notches, elevating cameras, and punch hole cameras are impressive, it seems manufacturers are willing to go further in their quest to make phones with maximum front viewing area.

Xiaomi claims that it has patented a way to make phone displays transparent when the diodes are off and the screen is completely black without reflecting light.  This is the technology that is going to use to make smartphones with in-display front cameras.

Xiaomi did not reveal when it will launch a phone that will use the new technology.  It will be interesting to see how far tech companies will go to give users the best possible experience.

The race is on.  Will it be Xiaomi or Oppo? Which one among them will be the company that makes the first ever phone with an in-display selfie camera? We have to wait and see.



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