We have heard lots of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. We will definitely be hearing more as the launch day gets closer.  Leaks will pop up everywhere. This is expected since it is one of the best devices that Samsung will launch this year. The Galaxy Note 10 is expected in August; we still have three months of waiting.

We have seen many alleged images of the Galaxy Note 10. Latest leaked images suggest that the new Note series phone will feature a 4500mAh battery. 

This is a significant upgrade of the 4000mAh battery that powered last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 9. However, this is still lower than the battery that powers the Galaxy M20 (M20 recently got a software upgrade that improves the speed of charging).

I expect to see a 5G variant of the Note 10 when it’s launched. Well, I’m not excited about the 5G variant and neither should you because I believe it will take a long time before we have 5G in Kenya.



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