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Below, you will see all Infinix phones in Kenya and their prices.

Discover all the latest Infinix smartphones in the country and the best place to get yourself a brand-new device with warranty.

Compare prices at different shops to find the best deal.  The smartphone shops deliver to all parts of the country. So, whether you are in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Mombasa or Nakuru, you can order online and the phone will be sent to your location.   You can also find a few Infinix mobile models in Safaricom Shops countrywide.

Infinix Phones Prices In Kenya

The Smart and the Smart 3 are the cheapest Infinix devices in Kenya.  You can buy the Smart 2 at KSh. 7500.  Zero 6 Pro is currently the most expensive smartphone. Its price is around KSh. 30,000.

Infinix Phones

List Of Infinix Phones In Kenya

Smartphones Below 10K

Infinix Smart 2 HD

Infinix Smart 2 HD

  • CPU: Mediatek MT6580
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage: 16 GB
  • Display: 6.0 inch IPS LCD touchscreen
  • Camera: Single 8 MP
  • OS: Android v8.1 Oreo

View Full Infinix Smart 2 HD Specifications

Where To Buy

Phone PlaceKSh9,000.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh7,999.00 Go To Store

Smart 2 HD Quick Facts

  • This phone has a bigger display than the Infinix Smart 2.
  • It has a 6.0-inch 720p screen with 18:9 aspect ratio. This means the display is tall and has narrow bezels.
  • Only one memory option is available. Infinix smart 2 HD has 1GB of RAM and 16GB on board storage space.
  • The Smart 2 HD rear camera has a lower megapixel count than that of the “original” Smart 2. It has an 8MP back camera while its predecessor has a 13MP back camera.
  • The front facing camera is accompanied by an LED flash for low light photography.
  • This Infinix phone is available in several colors. These colors include Bordeaux Red, Sandstone Black, Serene Gold.
  • It does not support 4G.

Infinix Smart 2

Infinix Smart 2

  • CPU: Mediatek MT6739
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage: 16 GB
  • Display: 5.5 inches
  • Camera: 13 MP
  • OS: Android v8.1 Oreo (Go Edition)

View Full Infinix Smart 2 Specifications

Where To Buy

Phone PlaceKSh7,700.00 Go To Store
MyShopKEKSh8,500.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh7,299.00 Go To Store
Phone StoreKSh8,200.00 Go To Store

Smart 2 Quick Facts

  • It is one of the most popular phones below 10,000. It has good price/value balance.
  • The Smart 2 comes with a 5.5-inch 720p screen with 18:9 aspect ratio. The tall display makes it an easy phone to hold in one hand.
  • This phone has one memory option. It has 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage space.
  • This smartphone has decent cameras. At the time of release, it was one of the best camera phones below 10,000. It comes with a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing shooter.
  • There is a front-facing LED flash for low light selfies.
  • our color options are available – city blue, Bordeaux red, serene gold and sandstone black.
  • It is one of the best cheap 4G phones in Kenya.

Infinix Smart 3

Infinix Smart 3

  • CPU: Mediatek Helio A22 (MT6167)
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage: 16 GB
  • Display: 5.5 inches
  • Camera: Dual 13 MP + 8 MP
  • OS: Android v9.0 Pie; Go Edition

View Full Infinix Smart 3 Specifications

Where To Buy

Phone PlaceKSh9,000.00 Go To Store
MyShopKEKSh8,900.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh9,800.00 Go To Store

 Smartphones From 10K to 20K

Infinix Hot 7

Infinix Hot 7

  • CPU: Mediatek MT6580 (28nm)
  • RAM: 1/2 GB
  • Storage: 16/32 GB
  • Display: 6.2 inches
  • Camera: 13 MP
  • OS: Android 8.0 Oreo (Go Edition)

View Full Infinix Hot 7 Specifications

Where To Buy

Phone PlaceKSh11,000.00 Go To Store
MyShopKEKSh11,000.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh10,499.00 Go To Store

Smart 2 Pro Quick Facts

  • It is an upgraded version of the Infinix Smart 2. It has 2GB of RAM while the Smart 2 has only 1GB of RAM.
  • It also has a better rear camera. It features dual 13MP + 2MP rear camera while the base versions has a single 13MP rear camera.
  • Display, front camera, chipset and all the other features of the Infinix Smart 2 Pro are the same as those of the Smart 2.
  • It has 2GB of RAM and 16GB on board storage. There is the only memory option. 
  • It is available in four color options – Serene gold, Sandstone black, Bordeaux red and city blue.

Infinix Smart 3 Plus

Infinix Smart 3 Plus

  • CPU: Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22 (12nm)
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 32 GB
  • Display: 6.21 inch LTPS IPS LCD touchscreen
  • Camera: Triple 13 MP + 2 MP + QVGA
  • OS: Android v9.0 Pie

View Full Infinix Smart 3 Plus Specifications

Where To Buy

Phone PlaceKSh12,300.00 Go To Store
MyShopKEKSh12,500.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh12,555.00 Go To Store
Phones StoreKSh12,300.00 Go To Store

Infinix Hot S4

Infinix Hot S4

  • CPU: MediaTek Helio P22
  • RAM: 3/4/6GB
  • Storage: 32/64GB
  • Display: 6.2 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • Camera: Triple 13 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP
  • OS: Android v9.0 (Pie)

View Full Infinix Hot S4 Specifications

Where To Buy

Phone PlaceKSh14,800.00 Go To Store
MyShopKEKSh14,500.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh15,999.00 Go To Store
Phones StoreKSh14,500.00 Go To Store
Phone PlaceKSh19,500.00 Go To Store
MyShopKEKSh18,000.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh19,700.00 Go To Store
Phones StoreKSh19,000.00 Go To Store
S4 Pro 6GB/64GB
JumiaKSh19,500.00 Go To Store

Infinix Note 5

Infinix Note 5

  • CPU: Mediatek MT6763 Helio P23 (16nm)
  • RAM: 3/4 GB
  • Storage: 32/64 GB
  • Display: 6.0 inch LTPS IPS LCD touchscreen
  • Camera: Single 12 MP
  • OS: Android v8.1 (Oreo); Android One

View Full Infinix Note 5 Specifications

Where To Buy

Phone PlaceKSh15,000.00 Go To Store
MyShopKEKSh15,000.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh17,500.00 Go To Store
Phone StoreKSh15,500.00 Go To Store

Note 5 Quick Facts

  • The Note 5 is and Android One device.  This means that it has the purest version of Android v8.1 installed.
  • It has a 6.0 inches 1080p display.  This makes it one of the very few Infinix phones below 20K with a full HD display. It has the trendy 18:9 aspect ratio.
  • Only a single memory option is available In Kenya. The Note 5 has 32GB on board storage and 3GB RAM.
  • This phone’s body is metal unlike many phones in its price range which have polycarbonate bodies.
  • The Note 5 has decent cameras; a single 12MP at the back and 16MP front facing camera.
  • Infinix Note 5 colors include Ice Blue, Berlin Grey and Milan Black.

Smartphones Above 20K

Infinix Note 5 Pro

Infinix Note 5 Stylus

  • CPU: Mediatek MT6763T Helio P23 (16nm)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 32/64 GB
  • Display: 6.0 inch LTPS IPS LCD touchscreen
  • Camera: Single 16 MP
  • OS: Android v8.1 (Oreo); Android One

View Full Infinix Note 5 Pro Specifications

Where To Buy

Phone PlaceKSh23,700.00 Go To Store
MyShopKEKSh23,700.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh25,799.00 Go To Store
Phones StoreKSh23,600.00 Go To Store

Note 5 Stylus Quick Facts

  • Like the Note 5, the Note 5 Stylus is an Android One device.
  • Just as the name suggests, this phone comes with a stylus pen, called the X-Pen.
  • It features a 6.0-inch full HD display and 18:9 aspect ratio.
  • Only one memory option is available. The Note 5 Stylus has 4GB RAM and 64GB on-board storage space.
  • This phone has a better back camera than the Note 5. It has a 16MP rear shooter. The front shooter is the same as that one found in its cheaper brother.
  • Its available in three colors – Charcoal Blue, Bordeaux Red and Champagne Gold.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro

Infinix Zero 5 Pro

  • CPU: Mediatek MT6757CD Helio P20 (16nm)
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB
  • Display: 5.98 inch IPS LCD touchscreen
  • Camera: Dual 13 MP + 12 MP
  • OS: Android v7.0 Nougat

View Full Infinix Zero 5 Pro Specifications

Where To Buy

Zero 5 Pro
Phone PlaceKSh18,500.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh22,700.00 Go To Store

Infinix Zero 6 Pro

Infinix Zero 6 Pro

  • CPU: Snapdragon 636 (14nm)
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB
  • Display: 6.18 inch IPS LCD touchscreen
  • Camera: Dual 12 MP + 24 MP
  • OS: Android v8.0 Oreo

View Full Infinix Zero 6 Pro Specifications

Where To Buy

Phone PlaceKSh30,000.00 Go To Store
MyShopKEKSh30,000.00 Go To Store
JumiaKSh32,500.00 Go To Store
Phones StoreKSh30,900.00 Go To Store
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Different Infinix Series That You Should Be Aware Of

Hot Series

The Infinix Hot series has the cheapest Infinix mobile smartphones in Kenya. Smartphone in this series often feature 5.5 inches displays, Quad-core processors, 8MP or 13 MP pixels rear cameras and 4000mAh batteries.  Some gadgets is the hot series come with fingerprint scanners and support 4G. This is the series that you should put your focus on when you need a phone that can serve all your basic need on a shoestring budget.  We have seen many phones in this series. They include:

  • Infinix Hot (No longer available)
  • Hot 2 (No longer available)
  • Hot 3 (No longer available)
  • The Hot 3 LTE (No longer available)
  • Hot 4 (No longer available)
  • Hot 4 Lite (No longer available)
  • The Hot 4 Pro (Available)
  • Hot S (Available)
  • Infinix Hot 5 (Available)
  • Hot 5 Lite (Available)
  • Infinix Hot 6 Pro (Available)
S Series

This is one of the newest Infinix mobile series. This series is made up of phones build with the front facing cameras as their main selling point.  The S2 Pro is the first Infinix S Series phone in Kenya. This smartphone features 13MP and 8MP dual front facing camera. The S2 Pro still remains the only phone in this series that is available to buy in Kenya. Hopefully, the company will introduce more smartphones into this series in 2018.

Note Series

The Note series consists of phablets. These are phones with large displays. Almost all phones in the Note series smartphones have displays that are larger than 5.7 inches. Some phones in this series come with stylus pens.  These phones are perfect for anyone who loves big screen phones. Their full HD displays are ideal for individuals who love watching videos on their smartphones, playing games or reading. Smartphones in this series are usually more expensive than those in the hot series. This is because they have better cameras, octa-core CPUs and displays with better resolution.

Infinix mobile phones in this series include:
  • The Hot Note
  • Infinix Note 2
  • Note 2 LTE
  • The Note 3
  • Note 3 Pro
  • Note 4
  • The Note 4 Pro

Zero Series

This series has the best Infinix mobile phones that we have seen in Kenya. Smartphone in the Zero series usually feature powerful processors and outstanding cameras. Some phones in this series can compete with more expensive flagships made by popular brands such as Huawei, Sony and Samsung. If you are looking for a powerful, all-round handset that can serve almost all your needs, you should check out the phones in the Zero Series.  Phones launched in this series include:

  • Infinix Zero (No longer available)
  • The Zero 2 (No longer available)
  • Zero 3 (No longer available)
  • Zero 4 (Available)
  • The Zero 4 Plus (Available)
  • Zero 5 (Available)
  • Infinix Zero 5 Pro (Available)

This a new series that consists of cheap smartphones build with music lovers in mind. In Kenya, we have seen only one phone in this series i.e. The Infinix Smart.  This mobile phone has modest specs and comes at a pocket friendly price. In fact, when you take a look at the Infinix phones prices above, you will instantly notice that it is the cheapest one of Infinix mobile phone in Kenya right now.

The gadgets above are the “hottest” smartphones from Infinix in Kenya at the moment. We update this list regularly to help you find the phone that suits you best at the best price.

Learn More About These phones

Infinix Smartphones have taken the Kenyan market by storm.  This obviously happened because they provide high-end features at relatively low prices.  In 2016, the company launched several smartphones in Kenya: Hot 3 (March), Hot S (July), the Hot 4 (August),  Note 3 (August), the Zero 4 & the Zero 4 Plus. In 2017, the Chinese company has released the S2 Pro, the Note 4, the Infinix Smart, Hot 5 and the Zero 5.  We expect to see more Infinix phones in Kenya in 2018.

Infinix Phones In KenyaAll sellers listed on this site deliver Infinix smartphones to all parts of Kenya. Fill out the required information when you get to a merchant’s website & the phone will be delivered within the shortest time possible.

We take out time to vet sellers before listing them on this site. They all sell genuine Infinix phones in Kenya.  You should not worry about buying a fake Infinix handset when you are dealing with any of the merchants listed on this site.  All Infinix smartphones sold by our partner sites come with a one year warranty.

Infinix phones are products of Infinix Mobility Limited. This is a Chinese company that specializes in the manufacture of phones. All Infinix smartphones available in Kenya use the Android operating system.  This page has all the latest Infinix phones in Kenya and their prices. These phones are sold across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. These handsets, just like Tecno, are cheap but of high quality. For those who can’t afford the likes of Samsung, iPhone, HTC and other expensive brands, these handsets are a good choice.

Latest Infinix Phones In Kenya

Infinix Mobility has introduced many awesome smartphones into the Kenyan market. You will find all the latest phones in Kenya on this list. You will also find handsets that have been in the market for a while.

Latest Infinix mobile phones in Kenya Include:

  • Infinix Smart
  • Note 4
  • S2 Pro
  • Hot S
  • Zero 4
  • Zero 4 Plus
  • Infinix Zero 5
  • Zero 5 Pro

Quick Facts

  • These handsets are products made by Infinix Mobility, a Chinese company. This is a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings, a company that also owns Tecno and Itel brands.
  • It was founded in 2013.
  • The Note 4 (& Note 4 Pro), Hot 5 (& Hot Lite) and  the Zero 5 (& Zero 5 Pro) are the latest Infinix smartphones in Kenya.

Customer Support

If you are having trouble with your phone, don’t take it to your local “Fundi”. Take it to one of Infinix Service Centers.  The centers are commonly referred to as Carlcare centers.  The Carlcare centers are spread across Kenya.  Click here to see a list of Calcare Centers in Kenya.