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Best Phones Under 5K

It’s always challenging to find a good phone below Ksh 5000 in Kenya. This is because the options are very limited. It is also easy to buy a counterfeit phone when you are looking for a cheap smartphone under 5000 in Kenya.  Fortunately, manufacturers keen to capture the Kenyan budget phone market are constantly competing to make the best budget phones. Today, you can find a pretty decent budget phone with less than 5k. This page is meant to help you find a smartphone that will serve most, if not all of your needs. Without further ado, here are the best smartphones that you can buy right now:


Please avoid wishful thinking. As of now, you will not find phones below 5000 with high resolution displays and octa-core chipsets, lots of RAM and huge internal storage spaces. Manufactures cut features to make phones under 5K. The phones recommended below have modest features but they can serve almost all the needs of an entry level user.



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Price In Kenya

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