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onlineshoppingkenya.com is now luram.co.ke. Yes, we rebranded with the aim of making this site better for you. Promise.

This website was launched in 2014 with the aim of becoming one of the leading sources of information related to phones in Kenya. 5 years on, we are still passionate about smartphones and we spend a lot of time analyzing new devices, checking trends and finding information that is useful to the thousands of people who visit this site every month.  We always strive to ensure that we provide the best content related to mobile phone technology and the latest smartphone news.

Our Team

Mark Luta, Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Mark is the founder of LURAM Kenya.  He loves everything mobile and has a soft spot for devices powered by Android. He holds a degree in Engineering and has over 5 years’ experience of writing about smartphones and the latest technology trends.

Contact: @mark_luta

Email: mark@luram.co.ke

Kevin Kip, Resident writer

Kevin is responsible for the day to day publishing at LURAM Kenya.  He found himself in the world of technology before he even graduated from the University of Eldoret. Over the years, Kevin has grown to become an expert on matters related to smartphones.

Contact: Kevin_kipKE

Email: kevin@luram.co.ke

Tony Ronoh, Contributor

Tony is an IT graduate who loves all things technology.  He is always happy to share his knowledge with LURAM readers from time to time.

Contact: Tony Ronoh

Email: tony@luram.co.ke

Our mission remains the same. We provide independent, reliable information that will help to make your complex online buying decisions easy. We also want to keep you up to date with news from the world of technology. 

We monitor many market places, keeping a keen eye on the trends .We are committed to transparency and clarity. You can trust the reviews and all other information you find on this website.