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4 reasons why you should skip iPhone 11

Why skip the Iphone 11

Apple is going to release a new iPhone model later this year.  If you absolutely love and adore the iPhone, it’s likely that you are eagerly waiting for the new iPhone so that you can upgrade.  But all leaks and rumors are pointing to a device that is not a serious upgrade of the existing iPhone. That’s why I personally think you should skip the next iPhone.  Apple has always been a leader in mobile phone technology. However, over the recent past, Samsung, Huawei, and other Chinese phone makers seem to be doing a better job.  

Here is why I think the next iPhone might be a disappointment:

There is nothing exciting in the leaks

In today’s world, where information travels at the speed of light, phone details leak way before their official launch dates. As I write this article, there is already so much we know about the iPhone 11.  So far, we have not heard of anything that is outstanding about the upcoming iPhone models.

Well, there will definitely be some improvement as it has always been the case every year. From the leaks, we know the battery life of the new phone will be better. The new iPhone is expected to feature a more powerful processor and improved cameras. We also expect reverse wireless charging – a feature that allows it to recharge other Apple devices. However, some of these features don’t really excite most of us, since we have seen cutting edge technology from Samsung, Huawei, and other Chinese smartphone brands.  Apple used to surprise us every year with new tech, but it seems we are not going to get anything new in 2019.  

No 5G

Samsung is already boasting of 5G with the Galaxy S10 5G.  We have also seen a good number of 5G phones from Chinese smartphone makers.  So, it’s only natural for most of us to expect the company that has been making the best phones over the past decade to release a phone with the latest technology. Lack of 5G should be a good reason to skip the new Apple phone.

Apple recently bought intel’s modem business. The company is hoping to build 5G capable devices but is highly likely that it will not be able to achieve this by September.  In fact, the first iPhone supporting 5G is likely to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

In a few words, the new iPhone will not support 5G.  

This may not be an issue to Kenyans since it will take some time before Safaricom and other telecommunication companies install 5G in Kenya.

The camera

The leaks suggest that the new iPhone will have a triple-lens back camera.  However, the camera will have a sizeable bump that is likely to make it less attractive.  Although this camera system is better than what was installed in last year’s iPhone, it has left many of us thinking why Apple has to make a phone with a camera bump in 2019.

There are many flagships with quality cameras and desirable designs. With so many choices, would you still buy the iPhone 11? Will you buy it because it has a better camera than the iPhone XS?

Steep competition

Competition between smartphone manufacturers seems to have escalated in 2019.  With the competition being so steep, it’s sad that Apple has been giving us almost the same thing that it gave us last year. Samsung has done pretty well with the Samsung Galaxy S10 and it’s working on the Galaxy Fold – the world’s first foldable phone.  Huawei will soon launch the Mate X. This begs the question, why is Apple so behind?

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